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What does your Peace look like?

Happy Sunday! As I watered my plants this morning and smiled as I walked about a memory came to mind I wanted to share. Enjoy this glorious day dolls :)

On my walk the other night I stopped and sat on a bench and observed these two little girls, twin sisters playing on the grass. Their parents sat some distance away which allowed them some independence but still close enough to offer protection. They had the same outfits on which were cute but I don't like the identical look thing personally so I had to take a moment to refocus on why I had stopped in the first place. They sat on the grass pulling handfuls out and placing it inside their baskets. They got up and rolled round barefoot than sat again and started again. No rush, no cares just their buckets, their hands and each other. I made sure I told the parents how happy watching their daughter's play made me and they smiled from ear to ear. When they walked away I began to think...

What does my Peace look like? I feel most peaceful when I'm on my walks or on my Yoga mat. Those are the moments when my mind is free of clutter and every breath brings clarity. I feel like a bird must feel in flight.

How are you maximizing that moment? I've learned to maximize those moments by letting go and just being.

What do you need to let go of, or add more of to obtain peace? I'd like to let go more of those moments when I look back at past events and wonder about a different outcome but I realize it's part of the process of growth. We should acknowledge those feelings and work through them then move on.

What does your Peace look like? Is it a specific place or thing? Is it a memory or is it something you are having difficulty reaching? Share and let's talk.

Always stress free xo,

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