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I'll get to that Later

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I can't really say I remember ever being the type of person to put something off in hopes that it will
 a) get better
 b) figure itself out
 c) go away entirely

Even as a young kid I'd rush home and get my homework done just to get it out of the way. In the summer time I would get my assignments done right after school finished just so I wouldn't waste my vacation time. In H.S. I'd hand in my work ahead of time so I wouldn't get in trouble if and when I cut class. As an adult I always finish things before the deadline and I never let anything pile up at home.

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I just can't function well with clutter in my mind or in my space. So when I see someone who knows that pushing something aside will only make things worse I cringe. I turn my nose up, I roll my eyes, I shake my head in judgment. I know I know not cool Mari, not cool. On the bright side though as I am doing these things I am also asking questions that could change everyone's perspective. As parents especially with all we have going on we can't afford clutter of any kind. Not to mention our kids pick up on our habits as well and last thing we need is two or three procrastinators in the same house.

-shut off social media
-make a list
-face the facts

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Once you tackle the issue you will see it wasn't so bad after all if in the end it will bring your life peace, happiness and plenty of free time.
What are your thoughts, is it best to put things off or to get to them now? Have you ever had a problem that corrected itself on its own and if so care to share? 

Always stress free xo,

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