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Pettiness serves no purpose

Hey Dolls, when someone does something to you whether in person or online or in passing or through gossip I know it can be extremely difficult not to react but try it... Don't react.

We can not right another person's wrong. We can speculate as to why they behave as they do but what would be the point? It would be like a hamster going around his wheel.

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I use to tell my daughter all the time to just try to understand that not everyone was going to be happy with her accomplishments in Martial Arts. Plenty of those dads were gonna be bitter that she beat their sons. That they would perhaps even go as far as to say the calls were unfair or that she "just got lucky". The truth is people who are down on themselves find it easier to attack others. I still tell her today, don't diminish your light because someone else wants to remain in the dark. 

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Don't fall into their negative trap breathe, focus and keep pressing on. We must all find our own purpose.

Always stress free xo,

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