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The Look of Success

When I...I will have achieved success.

Filling in those blanks has so many possibilities. As we mature we realize that the Look of Success is not the same for all. That you and five of your friends started with one vision and all six of you ended up on totally different roads.

Seeing others around you accomplishing their goals should never make you feel less than. Watching them continue to succeed should inspire you to test your skills and your talents and find your own success. But what does success look like to you? Did you know from an early age or did it find you after years of struggles?

My view of success seems to change every few years. Today what I deem as success I would have viewed as a failure in my youth. What makes me feel successful today can look to some as just being regular. I wonder, is being regular a bad thing? Just what is being regular? Hummm something to think about anyway back to success.

illustration by iheartinspiration.com

I use to think that in order for me to be successful aside from the obvious financial factors I would have had to acquire certain material things. The big house, the big yard, the latest car, lots of travel and an awesome social life. Those things sound and I am sure can be nice but they aren't success to me, not anymore. I have known people who have this and more and are miserable. The house no matter how big and how full of "things" it is is still not a home still not good enough and still doesn't bring them joy.

summer stroll in Brooklyn

I live in a city many people dream of visiting or living in, New York City. I was born and raised in a borough with a colorful reputation, Brooklyn. Having my mom and her family choose this place was a success. I didn't go to college but the jobs I've held have allowed me the freedom to invest quality time with the things I love the most. I've turned every apartment I've lived in into my "homes". They have been filled not with knick knacks but with treasures. Every little thins has meaning and value. This has been success to me.

Diving into a good book, going to work, taking a Saturday afternoon nap, living mindfully, going sightseeing with my daughter, volunteering with kids or at the food pantry, learning from my failures and still walking tall, my writing, my photography, putting my daughter through college, assisting my grandma on her life's journey success success success.

illustration by pepper gang.com

How do you define your success? What has changed for you and what has remained the same? Do you currently see yourself as successful and if so how did you arrive there? Start a conversation, would love to her your thoughts.

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