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Dream Chasing

Hey Dolls today is my baby #2 (viejita/grandma) 93rd Birth Day! I'm off today so going to lay in the sun for a bit then head out to Brooklyn! to give her a mini celebration. Though I know she is clueless to the importance of this day or any day I just want to acknowledge it. I'll share some pics on my twitter later. As I think of her 93 years and all her possible unfulfilled dreams I want to leave you with these thoughts.

I am always looking for ways to connect to like minded souls who enjoy writing as much as I do and I found a great group of people one of them being the lovely Ashley Coleman over at writelaughdream.com. I just did a great Webinar with her and she shared some great overall tips on ways to get closer to bringing your dreams to life.

She also has a great section on her page that has thought provoking writing prompts that I've decided I want to use in addition to my Brainspark and of course daily life and the news.

I find pleasure in many little things as well as some big things but I am in special bliss in my Photography. While everyone is busy in motion, I am still in observation. While everyone is focused on the main attraction, I am zoomed in on the little details. I've shared in the past my youthful dream to be a National Geographic Photographer. Though that dream for a very long time was stored away in the back of my mind and my life took me on a different road, I am grateful that in this stage of my life I can once again revisit it and see how far I want to go if I still want to go at all.

If you too are in a place where you are reconsidering an old dream maybe you can ask yourself these questions:

-Are you doing something everyday to work towards your dream? For me, the answer is yes. Mobile devices today afford us the luxury of always having a camera handy. I have no excuse not to take a picture or hundreds of pictures. I take photos everyday of many things. Sometimes I'll take fifty to keep four but that's part of the fun. Every day I get closer to where I am meant to be. For you it can be rearranging your work schedule to allow time for you to research or hold meetings.

-What does that look like? For me again, its just constantly taking pictures. Constantly looking around at my surroundings constantly researching information and implementing tips I have learned. For you it can be buying a new sewing machine or new drawing pencils.

-Getting up early, working late? When you have a passion for what you are doing there never seems to be enough time. Getting up early may mean you beat rush hour and get to the gym just in time for that great spinning class that gets your juices flowing or perhaps if your like me, working late so you have no noise around and you are alone in your thoughts. For me night time is so rejuvenating. I research, jot down notes, edit my pictures and go online and look for new places to visit and photograph.

-Are you making certain to make time for your dreams? As parents we make sure our families needs are met always but as mothers sometimes we forget that our own needs must be met as well. Dads somehow find time to do the things that make them happy, it should be no different for us as well. Moms should at least invest half an hour a day minimum on doing something that brings them closer to that forgotten dream. Even if its just something as simple as organizing their weekly planner to include shopping at their favorite craft store. For me its scheduling camera dates and going to photography classes both online and at workshops.

Dream chasing is never a waste of time if you love what you are chasing enough to make it come true. Everyones dreams are different there is no dream to big or to small. There is no right or wrong outcome only your outcome. I may never work for National Geographic I may never get a photograph published but that won't stop me from sharing my work in other ways and from picking up my camera every time I spot something that interests me. That certainly won't stop me from adding to my camera collection. Live your best life, go chase your dreams.

Always stress free xo,

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