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Roasted Potatoes w/ a side Salad

Good morning! August is almost wrapping up still making the most of this beautiful Summer.
Yesterday was my grandmothers 93rd Birth Day and she really had me laughing out loud which is an awesome thing since some days can be a real pain. I bought her some balloons and Carvel mini saucer Ice Cream cakes and sang her Happy Birthday and I got two things back..."who are you and why are you singing?" I answered her and she made a face and said "who told you I am that old?" I told her that her birth certificate told me and she made another face so I said "oh if it's wrong ok then let's eat cake." This was the best mug she gave me she wasn't feeling picture time.

Anyways...over the weekend wanted to catch up on some movies I watched Bad Moms hilarious! Then I watched Bastille Day with Idris Elba, need I say more...No. I wanted to again to keep things lite in the kitchen and made this for an early dinner.

Thursday's Treat...Roasted Potatoes with a side Salad!

-medium size red potatoes
-olive oil
-favorite seasoning/herbs
-1 large avocado
-6 mini sweet peppers
-favorite greens

I washed and cut my red potatoes in 1inch cubes you can use your favorite type mine just happens to be red I find they cook faster. In a large bowl I added 3tbsps olive oil, 1/2tbsp of parsley, 1/2tbsp of garlic n pepper seasoning and a pinch of salt. I mixed them well and set aside. I prepared my baking tray with a spray of Pam. Turned toaster oven on to 400 degrees for 45 minutes. Layed the potatoes out evenly on the tray and off they went. I used 8 potatoes because lil mama was coming over with her friend after work and wanted to leave them some plus I wanted leftovers.

Half way through I mixed them around and 45minutes later I was done.
I grabbed a handful of baby spinach, cut up a few slices of avocado, a few slices of sweet peppers sprinkled some Balsamic V and off to my movies I went. delish! The roasted potatoes had great blend of flavors and a lite crunch on the potatoe skin.

Hope you enjoy this simple share and baby #2 pic to brighten your day. Can you imagine yourself at 93?!

Always stress free xo,

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