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Happy Sunday hope that our transition back to school and cooler weather hasn't been and won't be too difficult. Today I wanted to share with you a few walk away thoughts I've had on recent events on the news. I wanted to share my perspective and hopefully hear what you guys had to say as well. I was talking to my bestie last week over FaceTime and it was great to see his beautiful smile shining back at me after several months of missed calls and busy schedules. We were catching up on life's events and one of the things we touched on was Friendships. He commented that what he notices from me and I am not quoting just summarizing is that basically I am just to rigid in my expectations of people and more so my friends. That basically everyone has stuff going on and that I should try to have empathy, more understanding and more or less meet them where they are at. And for the most part I really get where he was coming from But at the same time my perspective from my life's experience goes back to value. I don't have a problem meeting you where you are, I don't have a problem having empathy but I do have a problem with you not showing me the same value as I show you. I have a huge problem with people who behave as if their life activities are more important than yours. This is why I have adopted the mindset of loving you from a distance. I am learning to Accept every ones Reality.  

Then I run into the Colin Kaepernick controversy and this is my take away thought...I am proud to have been born in the United States because this is all I ever have known. I am grateful my family came to this country and sacrificed so much so we can have a better life and I am grateful that I have so many freedoms that some may not be afforded But how then can you give me a Freedom and want to tell me how to use it? How can some in society be upset with this man when you told him you have freedom of speech? Many Americans want to lump all things together. Many Americans want all Americans to have the same views But if one persons reality is not the same as another how can they all have the same views? If I come from a reality of oppression, de-valued and dehumanized over years and years and still today see the same injustices why would I stand for your reality and deny mine? Freedom is a beautiful thing and all human beings should have it. If we live in such greatness as the United States then let me use it as it was given. Learning to Accept every ones Reality.

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This next one was shocking but not really because I always say unfortunately women are very catty and can be brutal critics of their own gender instead of lifting one another up. Blue Ivy / huffingtonpost article I came across which talks about the harsh comments posted about this four year old little girl four!
Grown women calling her ugly, what on earth? She is a child, what are you thinking when you are sitting at home or walking around just typing any crap that comes to mind then pressing send? Are you even really thinking? Are you even mindful of something called feelings? Do you ever remove yourself from your bubble and think about how you would feel hearing or reading these types of comments about your mother, sister or even child? Your reality may not be being thrusted into the spotlight she did not ask for cameras to follow her every move but you did choose to see her and comment. You made a choice and that choice from my perspective is unkind and lacks humanity. Societies emphasis on looks as a whole is F***ed up but when your own gender jumps on the band wagon...where do you go from there? My perspective is these comments come from a place of envy. What she was born into can afford her things some of us may never experience but if we were more mindful of gratitude of the things in our own lives we would not devalue hers. Learning to Accept every ones Reality. 

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This last thought ties into my Blue Ivy share because it relates again to...women and the harsh judgment nature. Why all the fuse about who is not wearing makeup? What is the big deal about going outside makeup free? And why does it bother you if I am making that choice for myself and you wouldn't for you?
Two articles caught my eye allure.com  which shares a story about my daughter's favorite artist Alicia Keys and her choice to go makeup free. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She uses her platform to uplift everyone never a harsh word used to exploit any opportunity so why are so many people more so women upset about her choice? Were we born with makeup on? No. It was a product made to enhance what was/is already beautiful or to add a little something to help with an issue we may feel can use a little work. It is society that has pushed this idea that women are not whole unless we put our face on. What! My natural face isn't good enough? Get the F out of here with that noise. Choices...again Freedom to use or not use makeup yet you want to tell me what to do and you want me to feel bad for choosing another road. I am choosing for me yet you want to lump my choice into your life. 

I will turn forty- five in a few weeks and its just in the last two years that I have embraced lipstick yes lipstick! I finally have the interest in applying it to my lips because of all the great colors and textures I can choose. I started to wear eyeliner in my teens and mascara in my late twenties but that is it. I hate yes I said it I hate anything else on my face. Foundation, concealers, blush whatever I don't want any part of it BUT if one day I wake up and have a dang pimple I want to cover up I can choose to do so however I wish! Forty something years of practically no makeup for me has afforded extra sleep time, no dirty collars, no midday apply, no restrictions on kissing or "playtime" on a whim and plenty of extra cash for things I really love like sweets! This other article about barely no makeup makeup is ridiculous to me but again its a choice gma.yahoo.com do what you wish with your dang own face. Learning to Accept every ones Reality. Do and be what works best for you. Live your life by your definition. Encourage individuality in your loved ones, especially your children. Allow them the choice to define themselves by their own standards. What makes them proud of themselves whether in front of a mirror or outside in the world.

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So these are my thoughts today. Share your comments and experiences choose to be free today and let me know how you will go about doing so. Think big! think empowering, motivating and inspiring by living your best life.

Always stress free xo,

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