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We can't Build anything Alone

Something to think about...

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Hey dolls! I wanted to talk about Independence. You know how we are all at some point in our lives striving for Independence? Whether its from our parents as we are growing up or in our relationships, especially us women when we want our partners to "respect" we can handle our own? Well today I want to share that I still strongly believe in the need for us to find our own way but that I have grown to embrace the helping hand of others.

I'm going to share a silly example but the change it has bought to my life and my home is actually huge! It is giving up doing the laundry, yes you read correctly doing the laundry.

For many years I've had a certain routine and I have never allowed anyone in my household to handle the laundry but me. That is the taking to laundromat and actual washing. Sure the sorting is easy darks and lights who can mess that up but the wash? So many things can go wrong.
-prewash routine
-not enough detergent
-which detergent to use in what compartment
-when to add the Fabric Softner
-bleach no bleach
-cold or hot water
You get the picture and lets not get into the dryer part, that is another routine in itself.

I really don't know why I just didn't show my family how I liked things to be done and allow them to try it and tweak to suit them. It really wasn't such a big deal yet it was. It was the whole "I can handle it all" attitude. But reality was that after my responsibilities with my Grandmother evolved I just didn't have the time or energy to micro manage. Something had to give if I wanted time to do all the things that I really loved. So goodbye laundry duties it was.
I did a whole demonstration and let go of the reins and haven't looked back since and can I confess something? They do an even better job than I did but shush we can't say that out loud lol.

Point is we can't build anything alone. No business, no buildings, no relationships, no families. Yes we can come up with the idea we can have the vision but we need others to help us bring these things to life. We need support we need cooperation we need period.

illustration by amazinganimalstories.com

How can we become more comfortable giving up the reins? Here is my suggestion:
-start small pick one thing and hand it over to someone else
-allow a certain amount of time to pass before you "check" on things
-invest that time on something new like exercising, going for walks or new hobbies and passions
-accept that no one can do things like you do but that it's totally ok

Before you know it you may start delegating other house duties and getting the whole family involved. Imagine how much time you are freeing up to enjoy life together and individually. In the end the whole purpose is again to build. To be able to accomplish something faster than perhaps originally possible alone.

This small change has afforded me time to invest in my workshops, networking events, photography opportunities, writing classes, Yoga meetups and several other things that I just wasn't able to get into. I am grateful for the change indeed.

What are you struggling with that if you allowed others to pitch in would make a huge difference? What was one thing you did change and what was your experience? Share your stories!

Always stress free xo,

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