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The Beauty in Autumn

Happy Sunday my loves!
I've had a week filled with many emotions a roller coaster ride of sorts but I'm sure many of us have these from time to time.

I believe we all need to process what has just taken place and find a way to heal. Some may think they don't need to do anything but my perspective is I respectfully disagree. I think everyone has to come to terms with the nation we live in and the changes required to make "us great again".

I attended a Writer's Workshop lead by the beautiful Ashley Coleman over the weekend. I took the MegaBus to Philly from New York and had an amazing experience. Well worth the trip and the slight nervousness of getting out of comfy zone. We had a wonderful group of people and shared eye opening insights. Afterwards I took in the sights, grabbed an Authentic Philly Cheese steak at Max's and headed back home.

On the ride back I thought about what I wanted to talk about today and I decided to keep things upbeat. Autumn is a vibrant time of year and the colors are just breathtaking. My camera and I have been busy taking in the sights and I thought I'd share some captures with you. Hope you enjoy :)

Always stress free xo,

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