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Preparing ourselves to receive Abundance

Hey loves! Happy Holidays 

I am writing my first post since a self imposed gadget break last week and I am writing it on my new Laptop!!! I gifted myself an investment in my building Abundance by purchasing a new Mac Pro. For a very long time I didn't feel the need to have two laptops at home but as my daughter and I continue to grow so did the need for another work station per say lol. There is nothing more rewarding than investing in yourself so I thought it was also a great topic to discuss today.

In addition to my new Laptop I was actually gifted by my daughter and BFF my first DSLR camera!!! I love my IPhone camera and its been awesome to me and will continue to be so but this latest addition has just opened new doors for me which I am so giddy about entering.

So I stated that there is nothing more rewarding than investing in yourself right, so what are we doing or what have we done thus far to achieve that?

2016 has been a year full of tragedies and full blown eye opening experiences world wide I believe. It has been a year of change while still remaining the same and a year that has awoken a required sense of duty to self and to family preservation. I know for me it has been a heck of an emotional rollercoaster ride that I am so ready to get off of and start on a brand new luxurious ride.

A New Year is right around the corner and the many useless promises and resolutions have started or are about to start. The many empty words we say sometimes just to keep up appearances or just the plain ole lies we repeat in hopes that this time around will be different. But unless we have prepared ourselves 2017 will just be a repeat of the same ole ride.

This year for me was filled with a few firsts:
-entering and actually ranking top 10/20 in photography contests
-attended writing workshops both online and in person
-attended Yoga classes outside
-participated in a Yoga workshop
-joined numerous writing groups online
-engaged in Twitter chats
-said Yes more than No
-took several gadget breaks
-pressed delete on things I would have normally revisited without even blinking
-took part in a Reiki healing session
-joined a Sister Circle
-expanded my dating circle
-revisited some old topics with my daughter's father (that was awesome btw!)
-didn't send out any birthday or holiday cards
-didn't call people for birthday or holiday cordial exchange

Now some of these may not seem like a biggie but for example the last two in which I didn't make an effort to reach out...was very difficult for me at some point in my life. I am always the reliable one, the friend that knows everyone's Birth day and makes sure that they know I am thinking of them. This year I threw all that out the window and instead just focused my energy on preparing to receive Abundance. 

Let's dive into that!
What do I mean? Ok well let's first start with words. The things we tell ourselves or allow others to tell us or even attach to who we are in their eyes. Things like:
-you will never change
-you can't do that
-you're too old for that
-you're too young to think that
-that is not for you
-I have always been this way
-I have always done things like that
-this is just who I am
-I'll never be happy
-no one really likes me
-I have nothing to offer

Many of us are great at being kind to others but seldom know how to be kind to ourselves. In my own journey to authentic self care I have held on strongly to the words Value and Perspective. These two words can change your life literally and spiritually. I have held on to them in moments of doubt, sense of being lost, ending relationships, starting from scratch, sharing my passions, raising my daughter, building a family and just overall setting myself up for living the life that I want.

Recently I joined my Sister Circle in an end of the year Divine Release gathering. It was a mixture of ages, backgrounds and overall stages of life. Several of which were millennials who blew me away with their self awareness and goals I refer to some of them as my adopted babies. In our gathering we meditated and shared in some building trust q&a's. One of the topics discussed was being prepared. Asking for things from the Universe that perhaps we are just not prepared for.

illustration by theawareshow.com

Again, so how do we prepare? First and foremost we must know what we want...clarity.
We must then start to take the much needed steps to get there. Some of them may be:
-cutting old ties
-getting rid of dead weight literally and physically
-literally cleaning our homes of all the things we don't need, use or want
-making a list or starting a journal with specific details of your wants
-sharing some of your goals with a loved one so they can encourage and hold you accountable in a loving way
-daily practice of speaking to the universe what you want to receive
-paying forward in small ways
-practicing forgiveness on yourself so it trickles over to others
-be the type of friend you would want in your life to your self first
-accept plans change, learn to be flexible
-learn to love from a distance
-make a small change daily but don't beat yourself up if you fail, tomorrow is another day but with that being said Don't wait for tomorrow to live the life you want Today

Preparing ourselves to receive Abundance may not be something we ever put thought to either because it may seem selfish or even greedy but if we are open to the idea that just maybe we all deserve an overflow of love, peace and goodness than perhaps the word Abundance won't sound unattainable. Change our Perspective and give yourself Value.

These are my thoughts for the New Year. What do you think? Share your thoughts and or experiences here.

Always stress free xo,

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