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Happy New Year! Shedding the Old Building Anew

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First Sunday of the New Year are we ready to come correct and get our lives in order?
I know those that partied till the AM may get a slower start but that is fine too as long as we keep the energy going.

I ended and started my New Year in front of my mantle, semi Lotus in deep Meditation. Twenty minutes divided between the old and the new. I chose a Chakra practice for Prosperity, Abundance, Love and Peace. Want to get my energy right for 2017!

I'm determined to start things off right. We had so many deaths in the past month alone that it just brings full circle the living in the moment approach. I'm so grateful for this years lessons one being knowing when what you see in front of you is the real picture.

In life we meet so many people and they can add so much goodness to our own journey but they can also make you aware of the things you want to stay away from or perhaps leave behind. I've come across such a person and I'm currently in the process of clarifying just where their true place is. What is the lesson I'm suppose to take away or is this lesson an ongoing class that I'm still taking notes from. Am I even paying attention or have I missed the point entirely?

Shedding the Old Building Anew is a daily conscious effort. It's not a bag of dirty laundry you dump in the machine, add soap and when it's done your clothes are nice and fresh smelling. It's baby steps towards reaching that place where what you see in front of you makes you smile. It's a mental list of checking things off that no longer serve a purpose. I touched on this also here New Beginnings.

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I dislike feeling like I'm constantly talking or pointing out the same things. The way parents do when they are trying to steer their kids into better habits. Repetition is great but only if you are really practicing what is being taught. I don't like feeling like my words are just hitting the air. Like I'm speaking but not being heard. One of the things I changed about myself when I decided to live a more authentic life was always meaning what I said and saying what I meant.

I found that once I knew what I wanted and was able to speak it clearly I was able to open up my space to receive. This then too taught me that not everyone is ready to walk that path with you. It's like when you say to someone you found God and they still want you to join them at the club. When you begin to shed old ways and practice new things not everyone around you will be able to mesh.

I want to live a life of Abundance in all areas. Especially in Acceptence I want to be surrounded by people who though are a work in progress respect that the only true validation we need is the one we give ourselves. I want to build on the foundation of consistency. The bricks that will hold hope and success and elevate us to our best selves.

Whatever lesson comes out of this current state one thing to continue to stay focused on is purpose.
Let us not allow whatever life throws our way to take us off our path.
Building Anew is challenging but I am totally excited for what 2017 can present.

How about you, what new challenges are you in the mist of? What revelations have you come to or have started going through? What are we ready to shed?

Always stress free xo,

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