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When Love is Just around the Corner

I am always happy to chat about Love and Relationships guess it's because regardless of my experiences I believe in romance and remain abundantly optimistic. When a group of people gather together so many views come to play because of their own experiences. You hear so many opinions about Finding Love.

-you have to be open to it

-your time will come

-your expectations are too high

-you're sending out mixed signals

-you're not looking in the right places

-God has other plans for you

Which one can you relate to and which one did you totally roll your eyes at?

If I know one thing and that's for sure is nothing is guaranteed. You can follow all the rules, prepare all you want and pray all you want but nothing you do will rush the process of Finding Love.

illustration by pinterest.com

I stepped out my door and there you were smiling that beautiful smile.

We said Good Morning and kept walking to our individual destinations.

Every so often our paths would cross again and that smile would continue to appear.

Months later late one afternoon our paths crossed again and finally you gathered up the nerve to ask for my name. I don't know whose smile was wider but as I said my name your eyes lit up like a star in the sky. I asked what was your name and I was surprised at its simplicity yet as you said it all I felt was strength. Again we walked to our individual destinations.

Soon came several other moments of casual interactions and always that same smile appeared. Then as quickly as it began it ended. No more crossing paths in the morning or late afternoons. You were gone, a work trip you said. Couldn't wait to get out of the city. All I thought was what will happen now? Wasn't this as interesting for you as it has been for me?

Some time passed and I had given up hope of running into you again.

One Sunny morning on my way to work I turned the corner and there you were!

That smile was still there accompanied by such warmth and a pleasant sense of connection. You walked me to my car and we exchanged numbers. “Let's keep in touch” we said. But how many times have you said that line and really meant it? Not even an hour had past before you had called.

illustration by jarofquotes

Small talk that grew longer and longer with each conversation and each revelation about our lives. Several similarities but also many differences.

Every exchange seemed effortless like we had known each other for a very long time

Conversations that have only grown with time and aided in Finding Love just around the corner.

What do you think the ending of this story will be? Does it sound like how you met your significant other? Is it how you hope you will find love? Is it real or is it fantasy? Share your thoughts on “Finding Love.”

Always stress free xo,


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