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Mommywood has officially moved, Blog Relocation

Hello my lovelies happy Sunday.  Today is my official announcement of my relocation to my new site! After months of research and long hours of building, transferring and tweaking we are finally in our new home.

We have relocated to Squarespace and I sure hope you come along for the ride. All the content you have grown to expect and love will follow us there along with some new fun treats. As I commented in a previous post 

where will your creativity take you

 I have finally built my own site and purchased my Domain name so 2017 is really off to a great start.


Please join me on this new adventure click on the link above which will bring you over to my new baby and my latest post and please don't

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One of the new things I am working on is a section dedicated to all things Zen. Videos, quotes, link shares,  printables etc... Down the line I also want to jump into Podcasts!

I recently shared two videos on my Twitter relating to Yoga poses for my Intensive class why don't you go check them out. Let me know what you think.

Blogger will remain available for a while and I have also imported the content to my new spot.

illustration by Pinterest

Blogger has been great and I am grateful but it is time to change into a Butterfly. 

Always stress free xo,


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