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When there aren't Enough hours in a Day

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Hey loves I want to fill you in on some things going on behind the scenes at Mommywood. During the next few weeks I will be making a huge change and I would love it if you came along for the ride.

I am constructing something new and I look forward to sharing it with you as I grow I'd love for you to grow with me. I said I wanted us to make 2017 a year of Abundance and that is what I am working on as we speak. 

While I make these changes I am also taking part in a month long, twice a week Yoga Intensive workshop. I have a Writing workshop coming up soon as well as some online classes so please bear with me if I post later than usual. There just aren't enough hours in my day lol. I find myself thinking my job is getting in the way but then I remember 'hey bills have to get paid."

Since there is nothing I can do about the hours in my day what I can do is make the most of my time when possible to just sit peacefully and regroup.

As I am writing this post I have a little incense burning in my new fountain holder which is great because the smoke looks like a stream and I have my new Passion Planner gifted to me by my Yoga Instructor Racheal standing by just waiting for me to pour my thoughts, goals and days activities into it. I even bought a new set of Gel pens!

When life gets a bit crazy and the To Do List seems never ending don't forget to take a step back and do something you love. Remind yourself that there can always be just a few moments that belong to you. That taking a healthy approach to reach your destination is well worth it.
-a five minute meditation
-drinking a cup of your favorite Tea
-taking a power nap
-walking around for a few minutes
-listening to your favorite song
-taking a nice shower or bath

Simple things that bring you back to self care and silence so that you can go about Conquering the World! Share with me what you do to care for yourself when there aren't enough hours in a day. I can use a few new tricks. Again don't forget to stick around for Mommywood abundance!

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Always stress free xo,

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