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One Child or Several Children, which is Best?

Good day my loves can you believe we are hitting the end of July!? I am spending as much of my free time as I can laying around in the park or at the beach. I just love the peacefulness it brings me. That is until a family with like three kids pops up next to me. I was blessed with one child, I thought of maybe two up until I realized just how much of a time investment it was and not to mention expensive.

From time to time the idea of another child has filled me with joy and I've actually entertained it but as of today I feel that train has left the station. I am extremely happy with my lil mama and all the little ones that have come in and get to go back home at the end of the day lol.

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Which brings me to this topic which I have touched in the past but want to revisit. It's more of a questioning segment than a sharing or commenting one. These are some of the things I have asked myself and others at some point in time...

For those of you with large families:
-How do you manage to not have one or more of your children get lost in the shuffle?
-How do you dedicate what you consider (because every home is not the same) sufficient time to each child?
-How do you focus clearly on each person’s needs, including your own?
-Do you and your partner come last and the children's needs first, always or sometimes?
-Do you feel that there is just no way something won't fall through the cracks?

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From the outside looking in I can't imagine that things won't fall through the cracks or get lost in the shuffle or get only half the effort put in.
I can't imagine that at some point someone does get the short end of the stick and that as a mother you start to neglect yourself and some of your needs.
I can't imagine not having ample time to myself or having quiet time and places in my home.

With all that being said who's to say that the love, cooperation and laughter it takes to make big families work isn't worth the effort right?

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My perspective is if your willing to put in the work and make the efforts anything is possible. We just have to be mindful that what works for one family may not work for another and we need to respect that.

What do you think? One or more? Share your thoughts. Share with me how you make things work? The tricks you use and if you feel that the phrase which is Best is an appropriate choice of words?

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Always stress free xo,

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