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Let's take care of those Baby Teeth

Ever walk down an isle in a store and see a three or four year old with a pacifier or as some people call them “a binky” in his or her mouth? Have you ever seen that mom that puts it in her mouth then passes it to her child, as if it were clean?

I recall the night of my daughter’s 1st Birthday. We got rid of the pacifier and baby bottle all in one shot. Was it easy? No. Was transition smooth? No. Did she cry and need comfort? Yes. Was it doable? Yes.
As soon as your child is able to grasp objects firmly, he or she is able to move away from comfort zone.

Here is how.
Start with introduction to a Sippy cup as you reduce the bottle use.
Use a Sippy cup for certain liquids first only if you feel comfortable that way.
Reduce the time your child uses the pacifier during the day.
Switch out pacifier for let’s say a blanket or stuffed toy.

Comfort zones are nice. They help us feel secure and safe. Comfort shouldn't come at the expense of long term issues such as possible tooth decay.

The night my daughter “lost” her pacifier and the bottle was “to heavy” for her to hold (these were the words I used to explain to her the changes), she was introduced to a new stuffed bunny named Chrissy. Happy to say Chrissy still lives with us 18 years later.

What are some of the other switches we can make to keep a balance in comfort zone?

Chrissy with her friend Tiki


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