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Bath time!!

I LOVE bath time.
It is my time to relax, unwind, regroup, and refresh. For some kids, not so much. Not because they don't want to be clean but because perhaps fear of the water or the fact that bath time, especially at night signals that bedtime is not far away.

So I suggest the following:
Set a specific bath time every night. Kids excel best with routine they know what to expect and you, the parent get to look forward to your time.
Make bath time FUN. Have some toys, bubble bath, maybe some soothing scents, even music.
Make it a game to clean up all your little body parts. Use body cloth to scrub down their days "hard work".
Have bath time include brushing of teeth, last potty use for the night, pj time and picking out bedtime activity.

My daughter loved Johnson and Johnson's lavender bath lotion and splash time so that was our routine.
If you set all these things gradually you will see as they grow that they will no longer have to be coaxed into bath time or any other time for that matter.
Remember fun fun fun.

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