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Potty Training

I have called Potty Training the worst experience of my Mommyhood to date.

Granted it took place over sixteen years ago, it is still a nightmare to think about.
I am a control and neat freak, and with potty training, you just don't know where things may go, what direction this road will take from day to day.

I began my potty training ride at the age of two. I was working and had found a wonderful full day program for my daughter to attend, close to my office at a reasonable price and amazing hours, but only if she was potty trained. So I went out and purchased the little pottythe pull ups, the wipes and the treats.
Then I set out to arrange a scheduled time for this process to begin to take effect.
We get up in the am use potty like mommy and daddy do.
Set liquid times for every three to four hours and ask "do you need to use potty?" Look for the signs that something is about to happen, standing in cornersbeing just a little too quiet, and holding legs tightly closed.
Associate food and liquids with potty breaks. Have them go with you when you go, show them what you do once you finish.
Teach them you must wash your hands. Have a stepping stool by sink so they can wash by your side. Praise them when they do well and be patient and comforting when they fail, and they will!
Be prepared to find some "surprises" when you least expect. You may want to get into the routine of daily "nose" sweeps at home.
Give them little treats when they do well so they associate them with going to potty properly. Some kids do better than others and pick up quickly but be prepared to invest at least a month or more depending on your daily activities.

Whatever you do, please don't give up stick to it!! Do not stop and go just keep trying.

*Side note: For those of you with boys, I was told by a male friend that using the “Cheerio” trick works well. It is when you use a Cheerio (cereal) in the toilet and have your son “aim” at it. This is how boys can learn to pee “in” the toilet not “around” or “outside”

Bath time!!