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Teaching moment or Preaching moment...

To be clear....I found the Robin Thicke / Miley Cyrus performance in poor taste.

That being said I feel the so called "outrage" to be just a little over the top.
Mother’s posting letters about how disappointed they are in both Miley and her mother for cheering her on, Mother’s posts about what they would do to their daughters if they behaved in that manner, posts about" if you dare do something like that" etc etc..

Do we as parents realize that after a certain age we loose total control of our children? Do we as parents realize that what we may find unacceptable, to our kids is no big deal?
So what she simulated sex acts, so what she was wearing practically nothing, so what there were TWO people involved but focus is mainly on her?

Instead of all these posts why not start a conversation? In Your home, with Your children?
Why so much judgment of a young woman who is an Entertainer, hence she was there to Entertain by any means necessary and if we as a society are still speaking of her performance....then she did her job. Even if some of us feel it was in poor taste.

Me being a young adult in the 90's remember a very famous performer and her shocking displays on tours and videos. Did we all forget about Madonna? Her costumes, her language, her videos, her dance moves?
Did we forget her Blond Ambition tour and her in your face sexuality?
Since I think we have, I included a link to refresh our memory.

More communication, less judgment. What do you think?

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