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The adventures of entering High School

As a new school year is about to begin I thought I would comment on the following...

So here we are another milestone reached.
Our little ones are not so little anymore. No more mommy's driving him to school or daddy's picking her up from basketball practice. No more bag lunches or school field trips.

We are entering the world of the big kids.
It is now time to even further the practice of independence and trust.
It is now time for our kids to step up and show us they have been listening and are ready to show us all they have learned.
For US as parents, it is time to loosen the cord, sit back and watch what happens.
But before all this gets put into play let’s make sure we have our ducks in order. A few things to keep in mind and start to prep for are as follows:
Let’s get our kids used to having their own alarm clock
Let’s get them ready to commute alone. Whether by bus, car or train. Practice the route either to town or in case of those in the city to another Borough.
Let’s sit and regroup. This is the time to freshen up on all those lessons we have been teaching throughout the years.
How to be a leader, how to respect others, to work hard, to try their best, to listen, to be helpful and to be true to themselves.
Most importantly, this is another opportunity to share your high school stories and memories.

Let’s go out and have fun. These four years will pass quickly before you know it.
They sure did for me :)

What are some of your H.S. stories? How are you preparing for your "babies" H.S. entry?

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