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Anxiety at different stages

We as parents always hear about putting in the work and effort for eighteen years then they will be off to college and you will be free.
Your child will go away, maybe come home for holidays and vacations but more than likely you are done. They will find their way, won’t need you as much and once they graduate they will move out and you will have that free room to do with as you please.

During those eighteen years we have tons of events that bring on different levels of anxiety.
Sleeping through the night
First tooth
Sleeping in their own beds
1st day of school
Puberty (I will speak on this often at later date ).
Transition from elementary to high school
First time they disobey you
First dates
First meaningful disappointment (ours was not getting into her first choice in H.S., which turned out to be a blessing).
First relationship
First time they sleep away from home (for us that was at about age 6 and I hugged her like she was going away for 3 years and not 3 days lol).
The list is endless.

But what I have come to realize is that all those moments all those levels and everything in between still cannot truly prepare you for when your child is fully grown and independent and an “Adult”.
You begin to see things in a different light; you begin to appreciate those simple moments.
You come into a new anxiety level of my baby is going out into this big old world and I can no longer hold their hand or protect them.

So what do we do? How can we help? How can we make the most of those eighteen years?
Lots of love
Lots of patience
Lots of communication
Learn to Listen
Invest time in getting to know one another
Focus on the positive, work through the negatives
Build memories and share lessons that will last a lifetime
Share plenty of laughs, lots of hugs and teach kindness
The anxiety may still exist but all that you have built together with your child will make it a lot easier to let go of that hand.

What else could be helpful to ease our anxiety?
 This is my baby Erica and though she is 18 years old and she is officially an "Adult" in the eyes of others...to me she will always be my lil mama :)

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