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Too young for chores?

Woke up today and had a list of things I had not done around the house and I can't hold off till during the week.
Sunday morning chores I guess I would call it. Little things we tend to leave alone but then slowly build up.
Then I made a quick call to a friend to catch up on our week and she sounds out of breathe and energy.
When I ask what is on her plate she has a total list to share...

  • dishes in the sink
  • laundry to sort, load, wash and fold
  • several meals planned and ready to prep and store away
  • mail to sort through and magazines stacking up
  • kids toys all over the floor in the living room and in their rooms oh and in her room
  • sippy cups thrown about 
  • husbands work gear sitting in a corner
I mean it was an endless array that had me shacking my head like What?

So this made me wonder, what age is too young for chores? Or maybe not even using the word chores but instead to just be able to help around the house?

Am I wrong to think perhaps age three is a great start? I mean three year olds walk, talk and for the most part can express themselves clearly, so why wouldn’t they be able to help in putting away their toys, or the smaller articles of laundry or even the place mats on the dinner table?

I feel anytime you can begin to show your children to fend for themselves, is a great time to begin to give them responsibilities. Help them learn little tasks that build family connection and unity. A sense of being part of a bigger picture.
That when you help mommy you are really helping yourself and you are allowing for investment of your time in other more pleasant areas.
So go ahead and ask your three your old to put his or her own cup in the sink while you sit and open the mail, trust me it will be ok.

Here is to perhaps a smoother Sunday today or next week for both my friend and you lovely ladies and gents.
What other lite things can our little ones help us with?

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