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When pimples start to take over

I am writing about the dreaded topic of....Pimples

Had a really busy week last week as I mentioned before and had one of these mornings...

Have you ever gotten up in the morning to find you have a pimple right smack where Everyone will see it? You feel like no amount of cover up will help? You ask yourself, "should I even be getting pimples at my age?"
Now that you have that dreaded feeling in your tummy, I have sent you back into the world of your teens.
Certain things in puberty just have to run their course but we can certainly make the trip easier and happier.
To do this we must and I stress the must, start to teach our children to be mindful of their hygiene. This means washing our hands often and our faces before bedtime. The earlier we get them use to this routine the smoother it will be when breakouts start to appear.
When you have your own breakout show them how you take care of it, let them know that no one likes to get a pimple but it does and will happen.
Wash face with mild soap or breakout product
Use lukewarm water
Don’t over exfoliate, you will only cause extra dryness
Pat face dry. Never rub.
Use medication in infected area only, not the whole face
Some home remedies do work, like toothpaste. A little dot on pimple reduces swelling.
If problem is severe, visit a dermatologist sooner than later. We all know how self-conscious we can be about our appearance; we don't want our kids to feel unnecessary discomfort
Drink plenty of water and eat well. Fruits and veggies, good diet does help.
Get a cover up stick as close to skin tone as possible to reduce appearance of pimple and help in dealing with the breakout. Boys can use it too, no big deal.

Last but certainly not least, teach your kids to just be patient. Be kind, understand that they are going through changes and this is part of many changes to come. Take things in stride.

I had to reel myself in this week and remember my own words. Thankfully I survived thanks to my glasses of water and Acne Free products :)

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