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Do you strive to be the Cool Parent?

I enjoy people watching.
I love to stop while in the mall, which I extremely dislike but go to on occasion and watch parent interactions.
I like to sit in the park and listen, (yes sometimes I do listen to others conversations,) to parents and their children.
I enjoy speaking to other parents and hearing them describe to me what makes a cool parent or why they feel they are a cool parent.

Turns out being the "cool" parent isn't what we may think it is. At least not in our children's eye.

Being cool isn’t...
-dressing like your teenager
-joining in on your kids conversation just because you want to be part of the crowd
-allowing your children to engage in activities that are not age appropriate simply because you don't want to be the so called "bad guy"
-encouraging your son to engage in sexual activities because you as the dad think he is old enough
-having no set of rules or boundaries
-allowing for poor behavior without consequences
- stating that you want to be your kids best friend

Being cool IS...
Always remembering to be a parent first. To Teach and expect Respect, that goes both ways.
To have Rules and Consequences and to include the word NO in your vocabulary.
To always Love them, Protect them, Guide them, Teach them.
Always remembering that we want them to be productive people in society.
That is a cool parent.

Do you have your own definition of "cool"? Do you strive to be the Cool Parent?

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