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Kids and the Homework Blues

Here we go, the dreaded words most parents don't want to hear.
I need help with my Homework.
I am tackling this topic this Sunday morning because I know a lot of us, have kids who left their homework assignments for the last minute and today we will be dealing with this.

Yes we all want to do what is best for our children. Yes we want them to excel in school, be smart, go to a great college and so forth.
But who really wants to come home from a hard day’s work, handle family life and house chores and sit to do homework? Who wants to get up on a Sunday and have to invest a few hours sitting at the kitchen table helping with math? We as adults think, hey I already went through that now is your turn.

Helping with homework can be let’s be honest…Stressful. As parents we have a lot on our daily plates already plus some of the things are kids are learning we have forgotten or didn't even learn ourselves. I will be the first to admit my daughter’s math classes have always put me to shame.

Maybe we can find a happy medium.
Something I call delegating.
- Find an after school program that helps kids with school work.
- Enroll them in tutoring classes
- Have another child, a friend or another family member chip in, even if for a small fee or fare exchange.
-Use the computer and other means of gathering information to help your child.

All these tools can aide in this matter and relieve the stress of coming home to those words. It gives everyone the time they need to complete their tasks. No one has to feel rushed or like they are not doing well enough, especially us moms who want to do everything.
With these tools, we can come home, settle down, be helpful, prepare dinner and at the end of the day feel accomplished.

What other methods do you feel can be useful to get rid of Homework Blues?

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