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Monitoring our Children

Phone trackers, Cable box codes, Computer disabling, hand held devices with timed cutoff switches.  I see commercial ads for this and more. I read articles in parenting magazines discussing this issue so I wonder, how much is too much? Granted we all want our children to be safe and we all want what is best for them.

We have a responsibility to make the best choices for them and set them on the right path. But when do we start to teach them the way and let them start figuring things out on their own? Isn't it our responsibility to provide them with the tools for them to be able to use good judgment?

I only really put thought to this when my daughter told me during her senior year in H.S. that her friend’s mother tracked her every move via her cellphone. That her parents could see where she was at all times on their computer or on their cellphones. I was surprised but also curious. I had loads of questions all my daughter would go back to was her parents were very over protective.

If you only teach but don’t sit back and watch the results, if you only preach but don’t allow them to try, are you really doing your job? Every chance we get to allow our children to show us that they have learned the lessons should be taken.  When they ask us permission to visit a friend, when they ask to stay out an extra hour, let’s say yes and see if they prove to us they know how to watch the time. When they ask to stay up late, let’s say ok and see if they get themselves up in time for school. Let’s say yes more often and see what happens. Also with all the responsibilities we carry on a daily, where are we finding all this time for all this monitoring? Don’t we want to just relax sometimes? Don’t we have our own lives to live?

These are things I wonder.  What do you have to say?

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