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Outside Influences

Read an article some time ago by Alanna Petroff in the CNN Money section. It touched on the effect fewer smiling faces on LEGO figures may have on our children.

It made me stop and think, how many parents relay on outside influences to help raise their children?
I am all for having a variety of tools at my disposal to take information from.  I am also aware that in the end, my home, my teachings, my own example is and should be the first guide.

My home was always filled with a variety of toys, dolls, video games, building sets, car sets, train tracks, science lab sets. You name it at some point it was in my home. It is all about moderation and teaching.

The Holiday season is upon us; I already received my Toys R Us catalog. Filled with lots of dolls, action figures, video games, stuffed animals you name it. Some looked sweet, some were gentle, some were scary and some were a bit on the violent and graphic side. Many options, lots of labels they are there as a guide, use them.

In the case of the LEGO toys showing our children negative faces and how it may impact how they play, yes that could be a possibility but it can also be a teaching moment. Life is not all laughs, movies don’t all have happy endings, all stories aren't fairy tales and all toys are not nice.  While engaging in these activities, let’s talk with our children.  Just because a toy has a sad face or mean face or whatever face we shouldn't be so quick to judge and label it a “bad” thing. It’s an option. Just because a video game has violence doesn't mean that your teen shouldn't play it. Communication… that should be your influence.

Should something as simple as a toy, really affect our children’s view on life?

Sex Education

Teach your son to be a Gentleman, please.