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Word Association & a Happy New Year

Happy Sunday everyone, hope we have been enjoying our day.

Seems like everyone is coming down off the Christmas high. I was out yesterday for filling my grandma duties and noticed that several stores already had Valentine's Day stuff out. Yes you read correctly...Valentine's Day. Fast paced living for sure.

I've been on my end of the year clean up trip and decided that I will be taking of this week to get all my thoughts in order.
I want to revamp a few things in my life and I want my writing and blog to reflect those changes but only with a few days off can I achieve that.
I still will be participating in my duties as Host and Co-Host of the link parties I am involved with I will just not be writing any stand alone posts of my own until January 4th, 2015.

So in the meantime I want to wish everyone a safe, healthy, happy, peaceful New Year. May you all go out and live your best lives and be free of chaos, drama and extra baggage.
To get the ball rolling here you go love, Mari.

Mediocre doesn't want Greatness to come around, for it gives hope that there is indeed something better in store for us if we just keep pushing forward.

Poor Behavior doesn't like Enlightenment because when you know better you do better. Then you leave it in the dust stewing in its misery.

Loud doesn't like Peaceful because in the silence it points out all its buffoonery. The calm brings out the truth and clarity.

Ignorance doesn't like Question because in not knowing you are blinded and can not prosper.
Misery loves company.

We hear often about Haters and may even know a few but do we really take the time necessary for us not to become Haters ourselves?

My mother always taught me to be mindful of the company I kept.
There is a saying in Spanish that says in paraphrase "tell me who your hanging with and I will tell you who you are".
That saying was drilled into my being and I drilled it into my own daughter. It is truth.

I can't expect to see my cup as half full if everyone around me sees it half empty.
I can't dream big and work on achieving if my friends dream small and are complacent.
I can't live in clarity if my home is in chaos.

Every time I sit and practice Meditation I pick a word and focus on it. It allows me to learn more about myself and what direction I want my life to go in.
When I first started my practice I heard many "oh you won't be able to sit for too long or oh that just sounds so silly". The people who said those things are no longer around and I can sit for 30 minutes now, so right there is the proof of minding the company you keep and the words that come out your mouth.

Misery loves company.

illustration by sober politico.com

Are there more drag you downs than pick me ups in your life?
Is it time to clean house?

Always stress free xo.

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