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Let's hit the pavement Running!

I'm back!
Happy 2015!!!

    Good Afternoon to all, I hope we are ready to start this new year with a Bang. I know I sure am.
This past week was so invigorating and inspiring. It really does pay off to take a break and walk away when things don't feel right and you become stuck.

I took this picture in the early part of my time off and as I took position, aimed and shot these are the thoughts that came to mind.

-hit the pavement Running.
-like the birds, take flight and expand your wings.
-show all your colors. Be as bright as you can be Every day.
-look up, down, left and right. Get rid of the blinders.
-never let the Fire extinguish. 
-RESOLVE to be YOUR best.
-don't stop dreaming.
-remember to be childlike.
-death is Certain but Living is an Option.
-Love hard and Laugh often.

I don't believe in making New Years resolutions. I believe people lose energy and sight of the bigger picture when they put too much pressure on specifics and not on the little things that will complete the big puzzle.

This year I resolve to continue to be the best version of me. To expand on my Meditation and Yoga practices. To volunteer more and to continue to explore my journey into fearlessness.
I have great plans for Mommywood that I hope you will stick around for and enjoy.
I no longer have a baby, my daughter will be 20 years old in April. My first year of blogging I pretty much shared the foundation I used to build the amazing relationship we have today.
For those of you who may be new here the tools I used were actually very simple:

-communication from the start
-respect in both directions
-guidelines, rules, setting expectations and structure
-pick your battles and show your support
-I'm your parent not your friend
-lots of hugs, kisses and I love you's

illustration by drawingsarah.com

I have been blessed indeed and I am grateful for sure. I plan to share the current stage we are in which is Young Adulthood and College life.
I plan to share how we continue to build while I let go of my little girl and embrace the beautiful young woman she is turning into. How we deal with her making her own decisions while I sit back and watch the years of talks and lessons coming to life and full circle.
How we are navigating our new roles and what sort of things I am doing and will be doing to continue to live my life with purpose.

All things parenting, that was the intent I set for my Blog when I started. That included talks about parents not just being parents but Women and Men.
So I hope you join me.

Lots more topics, great picture shares, funny stories, not so funny realities, recipes, lots of love and laughter all...

Always stress free xo.

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