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What Type of Mom are you?

Depending on the tone you use when you read my title, this post can go so many ways.

When I thought about this subject, I was asking myself what Type of mother I was and have been in the sense of parenting style.
With so many labels to chose from, which one did I fall under?

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-hovering / over involved
-tiger / strict rules, heavy discipline
-drama / creator of drama and chaos
-snowplow / remove any obstacle in your child's way
-martyr / anything for my children, no sacrifice to big or small even at my own expense
-free range / little rules or discipline
-attached / emotional bonding and support most important

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First I want to point out that no matter how many articles we read, no matter what we may feel or want to say the template we chose to use for parenting is an individual choice.

So I reached into my mommy vault and found that:
-I only read 1 year of Parenting Magazine & American Baby.
-I had no issue leaving my daughter at 3 or 4 months old with a friend so I could go to Great Adventures but I did have an issue seeing her getting her baby shots so I would stand by the door or look away while holding her hand while nurse gave her her shots each and every time.
-I rarely ever allowed my daughter to sleep with me.
-I never helped my daughter with her homework but I did help with projects and even did one for her so she could go away for a summer vacation.
-I stopped picking out her clothes many years ago but I still tuck her in at night.
-I didn't teach her how to ride a bike but I taught her there was no such thing as a boy or a girl's toy.
-I didn't help her pull her teeth but the Tooth Fairy was always good to her.
-I didn't buy her makeup kits as a child but I did get her building blocks so she could expand her imagination.
-I didn't teach her how to cook but I taught her how to balance a check book and about credit cards.
-I didn't tell her she was a Princess but I taught her she was One of a kind and that her middle name was a reflection of such.
-Our house rules were simple but you wouldn't want to test the waters and break them.
-I didn't drive her to Ballet, but I taught her how to appreciate all kinds of music.
-I was present at every show or event she ever took part of, but I stopped going to Parent / Teacher conferences in 6th grade and only went to the 1st Parent/ Teacher in H.S.
-I didn't help her pick her H.S. but I taught her how to take the train so she could get there.
-I know all about her friends and their activities, but I've never monitored her texts, her phone or looked through her belongings.
-I didn't push the veggies when she was younger, but I packed her school lunch everyday and included   cute notes or a treat.

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So in compiling this list and in reviewing my memories I realized that the style I used, that the Type of Mom I am is simply Erica's mom. That's my parenting style.
I took what I learned from my mother, saved the core values threw the rest out the window and went the opposite direction. I added lots of talking, sprinkled in picking my battles, layered it with I'm your mother first and sealed it with lots of love.
This is my template.

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What things make up yours? Do you have your own unique template or does your parenting style fall under one of the labels above?
What are your thoughts on parenting labels anyway?

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Always stress free xo.

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