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Helping with Homework and reducing Stress

Ever sit at home and watch your kids from afar? Do you ever just sit and observe what they are doing or how they are handling certain tasks?
I do, I love it it's like my own special television show. Especially when it comes to watching my daughter doing her homework.

Apparently college and homework is very different than elementary, middle school and even high school homework. By this I mean how often it is done and how it is being done.
I don't recall ever allowing my daughter to watch television as she did her homework or to have the radio on but today she has all those things and more going at the same time, go figure.

I ask her often, how can you concentrate and she replies it helps her focus better. Really?! How is that even possible. One second she is deep in thought typing away on her laptop, the next she is roaring in laughter texting on her phone. One minute she is highlighting notes or putting sticky notes on pages and the next minute she is scrolling through Tumblr.
I just love this show!

When I am working I find I need total silence. When I read, when I write, when I open my emails...total silence. My daughter on the other had reads while the music is playing omg!

In my last episode (watching my daughter do home work lol), I was recalling the years my friends sat down and helped their kids with home work and how stressed they would be. I also recalled I barely helped at all and thank heavens for that!
I was blessed with a kid who didn't have to be pushed much and we had after school programs.

But for those who find it tough and for those parents who find themselves almost pulling their hair out especially in the early school years, not so much during high school, I remembered some tools I shared in the past. Something that perhaps can ease those words "I need help with homework".

I call it delegating.
- Find an after school program that helps kids with school work.
- Enroll them in tutoring classes
- Have another child, a friend or another family member chip in, even if for a small fee or fare exchange.
-Use the computer and other means of gathering information to help your child.

All these tools can aide in this matter and relieve the stress of coming home to those words. It gives everyone the time they need to complete their tasks. No one has to feel rushed or like they are not doing well enough, especially us moms who want to do everything.
With these tools, we can come home, settle down, be helpful, prepare dinner and at the end of the day feel accomplished.

What tools do you use for homework blues? How did you deal with the "I need help" issues?

Always stress free xo.

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