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Kids and Meditation

More and more lately I have witnessed and felt for myself all the benefits I am reaping from my Meditation practice. Several years in I am still learning, still adjusting, still testing a variety of forms and techniques. Because it is a "practice" you are always learning and one size does not fit all.

With everything in life there are pros and cons but I have found that the pros I witness daily out weigh the cons. Just taking the time to slow myself down and take a few extra breaths when I am dealing with an uneasy matter has helped me diffuse numerous situations over the past few years.

This got me thinking about my own daughter and kids in general. Wouldn't it be great to have them practice some of these principles as well? Turns out that in certain places they are! I started my own little research and found some great stuff. I have never been a fan of "Time Out" I think it only stops the action for the moment it doesn't teach a lesson or bring forth a permanent solution. Not to mention I have to stop what I am doing to monitor you and make sure you are sitting still...No thanks.

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So why not try starting today investing a few minutes in silence with our kids? Maybe before bedtime, before dinner? How about when they are in playtime and a tantrum ensues? Why not practice deep breathing while on a walk, in the park or on a car ride?

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I find my own lil mama in breathing practices often. While she's doing homework on her computer or just before she makes a phone call. While she is working on a painting in her room or just as she is about to answer one of my many silly questions (thanks sunshine :) xo), it is something that I have seen first hand bring a great positive change to her life.

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Just start with taking a deep breath. A real deep breath. I know it sounds strange but many of us don't even appreciate taking a deep breath. This will open your mind to perhaps trying other practices. I have included a few links that may help you and your little ones and not so little ones as well. What do you, would this be something you could give a try? Do you already practice some form of Meditation? Do you feel kids just are too young to try it out?





Always stress free xo.

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