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Encouraging our children to be Critical Thinkers

Encouraging our children to be Critical Thinkers

Hello, hello! What brings me to your inbox today? Aside from wanting to thank you for supporting me on my radio gig Monday, I thought we'd chat on a topic that perhaps we never even put mind to. Do you possess the skills to be a good Critical Thinker? Has it been something that came easy to you or have you had to practice? Better yet are you like me and have had to really put forth the effort to dissect what critical thinking even means?  

Some recent reading bought this evaluation to light. I've never really analyzed this for myself but as I continued reading I learned that though I consider myself balanced, I'm a Libra, after all, I totally react emotionally first and logically second. 

My daughter, on the other hand, is the total opposite. Always has been if I really think back to her childhood. She rarely made hasty choices, quick reward now who cares about later. That was never her M.O. she always thought carefully before making a decision. 

The best examples I can use are gifts. When most kids choose quantity over quality mine chose quality. She would prepare her list and have like three items. I'd ask "but don't you want more things than that?" and she would reply "I don't need more than what I listed."

So how did she develop these skills? Was she born this way? Was it just luck? As I researched further it turns out that how her dad and I were raising her had a lot to do with her developing those skills.  

My research turned up the following ingredients:  

-Curiosity: which she has always had plenty of and we encouraged by building her a library of all sorts of books from birth. 

-Analytical skills: she loved and still loves asking questions tangible reasons why something is as is no "just because".

-Confidence: we instilled in her respect and value and to know that her thoughts and ideas matter and her voice matters no one has the right to disrespect you.

-Tolerance: hearty discussions have always been the norm in my home and coming from a place of so many opinions knowing how to hold your own without being mean or disrespectful is key she grasped that early on

-Truth-seeking: Lil Mama has always had a heart for what is fair and if she reaches the conclusion that she is wrong has never had an issue with giving an apology if need be and setting herself on a better course. 

There was so much info I even found a book can you guess its name? Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies!  

It came in pretty handy in further understanding my child's rational and now helping myself develop better critical thinking skills. I think in Encouraging our children to be Critical Thinkers the ingredients I listed above along with us, as the parents putting things into practice is a good recipe for success. 

Gathering this information has lead me to question just how many of our leaders are skilled Critical Thinkers? My perspective is many people of power are lacking some of these skills and could benefit from making the time to sharpen up where they are lacking. Become more mindful in their living and in their decision making.  

What are your thoughts? How many of these skills did you realize you already possess or that you need to polish up? Share your findings here would love to talk. 

Always stress free xo, 


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