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Three tricks to Parenting Rules success

Three tricks to Parenting Rules success

As we gear up for Back to School I thought it would be a good idea to chat about rules, Parenting, and House. Summer brings about rules being loosened up. We allow later bedtimes, more hours outside with friends, we ease up on food restrictions and perhaps time spent on gadgets. I wanted to share and revisit my philosophy and see what you thought.

Rules should...

  • be tested, broken and amended accordingly. 
  • nothing should be followed blindly or set in stone.
  • all kids are NOT the same, maturity makes a BIG difference

This is part of our kids journeys as they grow up but parents, let’s make things easier on ourselves. We need to learn to establish and stick to the rules we set and amend them when needed and as our children get older.

These were some of my house rules:

  • Homework is always first, then playtime.
  • Must have breakfast every morning.
  • Bedtime was 8 pm, after 6th grade, it increased by an hour.
  • Sleepovers were only allowed if I knew the parent and had visited their home at some point, even if to drop off for a playdate. This was amended as my daughter became a teen.
  • No last minute request to stay over at friends house or to go visit a friends house, period. Always required ample time to gather all the information.
  • No friends in the room with the door closed. This rule was amended after 6th grade.
  • no video games during the week.
  • no phones during dinner time or after 7pm, amended after 7th grade.

Lil mama and I speak on this often and she comments about how necessary rules are even when our kids' rebel. She states how grateful she was for having them because they kept her focused and out of trouble. Do you feel that the same rules apply across the board at all ages and for all things? Are there rules with no exceptions?

My perspective after twenty-three years of parenting was and is we must embrace flexibility, allow our children the right to question our rules and express their feelings on them. Nothing is set in stone and each child is different so for the best outcomes we should be willing to compromise. Maturity places a big role in how we parent. If we have provided the proper examples and tools what is left for us as parents to do is take a step back and watch how things play out and tweak and redirect as necessary. 

But if you just set rules without and time for trial and error then you really aren't parenting to your best ability.  So again Three tricks to Parenting Rule's success...

  • test, break and amend
  • allow for questions, encourage individual thought
  • maturity is key, no two kids are alike

Are there rules with no exceptions? What are some of your rules? Do you recall the rules your parents had for you and how are they different or the same for your child(ren)? Time to share failures and successes of Parenting Life.

Always stress-free xo,


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