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Tomatoes with Mozzarella garnished with Carrot strips & Cranberries

Had a trying day yesterday. 
Still working out the bumps with my grandma's new home attendant issues, mother coming along from what my sisters tell me and then the one thing a parent never wants to get...a text from their child that says "mom had accident at work, the Paramedics are here, I will be ok." What???!!!
To make long story short my sunshine hurt herself on a machine at work, will need reconstructive surgery on her left hand thumb but she is doing ok, we got home from the hospital late last night.
Best believe I am just going with the motions and breathing. Full plate indeed but taking one bite at a time.
I didn't want to have my little bumps stop my share of a... 
Thursday treat!!! enjoy :)

Came home a few nights ago after much running around.
Left my office in Queens to go visit with my grandma in Brooklyn and run errands for her then headed back to Queens to get dinner ready and settle down..finally.

It was way past 7pm so I didn't want to get into anything heavy, I opened the fridge and took out
-mozzarella cheese
-Craisin bag (I always try to keep one of these around, can add to just about anything)

I did my plate first because my daughter was not home yet so that's picture share you see.
I cut up the tomato, a slice of cheese, stripped the carrot.
I placed tomatoes on the plate, began to layer with cheese slices cut into squares, carrot strips and sprinkled some cranberries...done!

I didn't add any dressing or salt but if you wish you could.
I didn't want to disturb the flavors already present. I love the sweet of Cranberry with the Tomatoes.

So here you have it another quick and easy meal with just 4 ingredients.
Its healthy for you and refreshing for a nice summer break from heavy kitchen duties, Enjoy

Always stress free xo

Sauteed Cucumber w/ Tomatoes & Avocado Veggetti

These got me...