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Sauteed Cucumber w/ Tomatoes & Avocado Veggetti

Thursday's Treat!!!

On this special Thursday the day of my Birth I would like to say Happy Birth Day to me and say thank you to the powers that be for bringing me to this present moment full of such peace and gratefulness.

I am blessed to share this day with you all and I want to say thank you for your support in my dream.

You may say what is Veggetti? Well only the cutest tool to help us eat healthier. Just to be clear, I am not a paid spokes person, the company who made this did not contact me, I just saw, liked and bought.

I am a gadget girl! I love kitchen gadgets! I saw this in a commercial and was hooked. I didn't order it online Walgreens carries this.

So what it does is take Cucumbers, Carrots, Zucchini and Squash and turn it into Spaghetti!!!
Healthy pasta, hot or cold.

I bought this last week decided to use it on Saturday night.

-1 medium avocado
-plum tomatoes
-garlic heads
-basil leaves
-olive oil

I drizzled olive oil in the skillet and heated on medium till hot, added 2 garlic heads and cooked down for a few minutes. When the garlic was tender I added the cucumber pasta. I moved it around a few times so all the strands would get a good coating.
As that cooked I cut up the avocado and tomatoes. I used 1 medium avocado half for me other half for my daughter and 2 plum tomatoes 1 for each of us as well. Set it aside.

I cooked the Veggetti for about 5 minutes tossed it around and cooked for another 2 minutes. Done
I transferred it to a plate, sprinkled some basil leaves, added the avocado and tomatoes, dinner was served.
All under 30 minutes start to finish and as always easy clean up.

The options this little gadget offers is great so I plan on trying many different meals in the next few weeks. You can even make dishes with potatoes!

The meal was a success, we loved the taste, the texture and variety of it.

I am including link to site for a peek and it does come with a mini recipe book.

Now back to me lol. 
Again thanks for visit hope you enjoy the share. Today I plan on enjoying a nice Sushi dinner with my loved ones AND of course some type of Red Velvet treat. This was a mini preview of what is to come given to me by my sweet friend!

to ME!!!

Always stress free xo

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