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Grilled Tilapia with Sweet Peppers Salad

Hey everyone so I am officially head over heels for my George Foreman Evolve Grill.
I got it over the holidays as a treat for myself and as a replacement of the last one that I used till it died on me.

This is one of those kitchen must have gadgets for sure and if you want to go the healthy eating route go grab one of these! No this is not a paid endorsement, I purchased this with my own money but I love this gadget so much I just wanted to share.

Anyway every chance I get to use it I am on it. Over the weekend I bought a bag of Tilapia fillets and separated them in sandwich bags to make several meals during the month.
The night before last I decided to make a few pieces grilled so yesterday morning before work I left a bag out.

Thursday's treat!
Grilled Tilapia with Sweet Peppers Salad

-tilapia fillets
-mixed green salad
-sweet peppers
-shredded cheese
-olive oil
-adobo all purpose seasoning

Wash and season the fillets. Let them sit in seasoning for several minutes.
Spray grill with Pam or other grill spray if none available use a cotton ball and coat with olive oil lightly.
Place fillet pieces on grill set for 8 minutes at 375, close your lid.
Scoop desired amount of your mix salad into a bowl, cut several pieces of sweet peppers and avocado set aside.
When fillets are done serve your salad, drizzle your oil and vinegar place your fish over salad.
Sprinkle your shredded cheese...done!
Another in and out the kitchen in less than 30 minutes and clean up was a flash.

Always stress free xo.

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