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Angel Hair pasta topped with Eggplant and Tomatoes

Thursday's Treat!

I just walked in from work, it is very cold and windy. I love my NYC but I am out growing the Winter.
I have actually started to Google warmest places in the USA, not to happy with the results think time to expand the mind.

So I am in the mood for something easy and I want to use my Eggplants before they bruise.
I decided on using pasta with my Eggplant. It should be an easy 30 minutes total.

-angel hair pasta
-1 med eggplant
-plum tomatoes
-olive oil
-shredded cheese
-garlic cloves 
-basil leaves

I peeled and cubed my Eggplant, set aside. I used half a carton of plum tomatoes cut in halves.
I peeled and chopped 4 garlic cloves.
While my pasta is boiling I am heating 1/4 cup of olive oil in medium skillet on medium heat. I may add a little more oil later when I add the Eggplant cubes.
Ok so oil is hot, let's add the garlic cloves let it cook for few minutes, let's add the Eggplant and let cook for 10 minutes or so. My pasta is about done, setting it aside.
I'm adding my tomatoes letting it cook and release its juices. Just added my pasta, a little more oil, sprinkled some salt and pepper.
Another 10 minutes have passed I just sprinkled my basil leaves and I'm ready to serve.
Sprinkle my shredded cheese I am using Asiago and when I serve my plate I will break out bottle of water I am done!

Tasty! I am eating as I edit the pics to add to this post. My cheese melted which is an added bonus.
I cleaned as I cooked so now I just have to wash my dish. I will set aside the remainder for my daughter if she comes home from school hungry or for her lunch tomorrow. 
Either way, easy peasy plenty of time for me to answer emails, have a nice shower and cozy myself in my lounge chair to catch up on my CBS shows on demand. Criminal Minds & NCIS see you soon.

Have a Good Night everyone, hope you enjoy!
Always stress free xo.

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