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Chicken Thighs stewed in Teriyaki & Brown Sugar

March is just around the corner and I am so happy about that. Totally over this Winter. Between looking for parking, trying not to slip, wearing the same winter boots for past month and not being able to really go and hang out outside I am counting the days till Spring for sure.

I have a few things I am currently working on that require a huge bulk of my time so surely I don't want to invest to much time in my kitchen.
Last night I decided I would make something quick with Chicken Thighs. So this morning just before I left to work I took a pack out and left it to thaw out.

Thursday's treat!
Chicken Thighs stewed in Teriyaki & Brown Sugar 

-chicken thighs /no fat
-teriyaki sauce
-brown sugar
-small potatoes (optional)
-green salad (optional)

Wash and then season chicken pieces to your taste. I prefer the extra kick of sweetness so I sprinkle a little extra. Make sure you have mixed into a sauce consistency not watery!
Place a medium pot on stove to heat at medium setting then add 2 tablespoons of oil, I use olive oil or canola and 1 tablespoon of brown or regular sugar till it begins to caramelize.
When that begins to happen I carefully add the chicken pieces, pour about a cup of water and cover.

Lower flame slightly, making sure water isn't boiling to quickly this is what helps meat cook thoroughly and makes it tender.
Watching that water doesn't totally cook down, check after about 20 minutes, flip chicken pieces to other side add a bit more water if needed and cover again.
The water isn't suppose to be soupy, the idea is to stew and create a sauce.

After 30 minutes check with a fork for tenderness and thorough cooking of your meat.
If you are satisfied, turn off stove set aside. If you aren't add a little more water, flip pieces again and cover for a few more minutes.

I baked some small potatoes and cut up some lettuce on the side but you can have this with rice or even pasta.

Total time for me was around 45 minutes just because you want to make sure the meat is cooked properly and the water with the meat juices turns into a sauce consistency.

Always stress free xo.

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