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Berenjenas Guisadas con Queso / Stewed Eggplants w/ Mozzarella cheese

Good Evening dolls! Posting a little late had project at the office that delayed my leaving so I got a late start on some things. I'm sure everyone is getting ready for Easter by the way!

Today as always I didn't want to invest too much time in my kitchen. Have a few things going on and a friend dropped by to share some news so was distracted on that lol.

Ok, Thursday's treat!

-cooking oil
-tomato sauce / paste
-mozzarella cheese

Peel and cut 2 Eggplants into cubes.
In a large skillet with medium heat add one large spoonful of cooking oil let simmer add cubes and drizzle another spoonful of cooking oil. Cook on med heat till tender. It's about ten minutes then you add half an onion cut into small pieces and 3 garlic heads cut small pieces also.
Notice how the eggplant when cooked shrinks? That's why always best to use at least one more eggplant even if small if you want left overs. 

Add half a can of tomato paste and a small amount of water to break it down if you have sauce then your fine add half a can of sauce. 
I let it cook another few minutes. 

I noticed it didn't have much flavor so I added 1 tablespoon of Adobo, then I was happy. I served on plate then added a few slices of Mozzarella cheese it will melt a little with heat of food. 

I ate it with some Spinach and Tomatoes on the side no dressing. I wanted to enjoy the flavor of the Eggplants. 

Quick and easy 30 minutes or so I'm ready to sit, eat and finish talking with my friend. Then quick clean up and check my inboxes. 

Always stress free xo. 

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