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Roasted Shrimp w/ Tomatoe and Spinach Penne

Good Morning lovelies have crazy busy day today but love it. I didn't want to miss sharing this with you so I wrote it last night, enjoy.

Hey guys hope your week is going well thus far, I just came in from a great walk in the park by my house, missed my walks for sure.  I took some wonderful pictures of the new flowers they planted this year. Such vibrant colors and different types I will share them shortly once I edit and watermark.

You can imagine I don't want to invest to much time in the kitchen after that so I am whipping something up that will only take me around thirty minutes.

Thursday's Treat!
Roasted Shrimp w/ Tomatoes and Spinach Penne pasta

-olive oil
-black pepper
-crushed pepper
-lemon juice

Before I left for my walk I left 2 handfuls of medium shrimps already cooked and cleaned in a bowl with cold water to defrost/thaw out. When I came back they were ready to go.
In a bowl I mixed 1/4 black pepper, 1/4 crushed pepper, 1/4 salt, 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. I added the shrimps tossed together a few times and set aside.

I took medium pot added water, some salt and a little olive oil and set on medium heat. I added half a bag of my pasta mixed it all up and began to cook that for about 10 minutes. I set my toaster oven to bake at 425 for 10 minutes as well and placed my shrimps in a cooking pan already sprayed ready to go. I saved a little of the mixture to drizzle on my pasta after if I choose to.
Remember my pasta is already Tomatoes and Spinach so it doesn't need to much extras.

Once my shrimps were nice and pink and my pasta al dente, I drained the pasta served in a plate topped with my shrimps. I tossed the pasta with remaining mixture before I served. I added a few slices of Gouda cheese I had from my last deli visit just for fun.

Done easy quick and fun.

Always stress free xo.

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