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No Trouble Paella

Hey! Hope you guys are ready for my shortcut in the kitchen today. I love Paella but it's always such a task to make because it requires several ingredients and some time in the kitchen. I remember my mom use to make it on special occasions. I am all about quick and easy, not cutting corners on quality or taste but definitely not about investing too much time in the kitchen.

While at BJ's a few weeks back I purchased this Seafood Medley bag and today it will be the star attraction.
Thursday's Treat...
No Trouble Paella

-seafood medley bag (or any variety pack) 
-Adobo seasoning
-Saźon Goya (orange packets)

Now this is going to be No Trouble because this medley bag has Shrimps, Calamari, Mussels and Scallops. If this combo doesn't work for you then get a bag that does. I say bag because this will keep things easy. No need to shop for several things when they are already packed together. There are different types of Paella this is just seafood and rice...no trouble.

I emptied half bag of medley into a bowl seasoned with 2 packets of my Saźon Goya and 1tsp of Adobo. Depending on your taste buds adjust the quantity. I mixed and set aside, in medium pot I added 1 large cooking spoon of Olive oil and pinch of salt when hot I added my seafood and cooked low for about 10 minutes. While that went on I washed 2 cups of rice and set aside.

After 10 minutes I added 2 1/2 cups of water to my seafood, let it boil and added my rice. When water almost gone I lowered heat, mixed and covered for 20 minutes. Uncovered, mixed again cooked for another 10 minutes and done. 

You have a great seafood dish with very little hassle. Serve with salad on the side if you wish

Always stress free xo.

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