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Stuffed Chicken Thighs

All day at work yesterday I kept thinking about stuffed foods. I kept picturing biting down on something yummy filled with more yummy stuff. I left some chicken thighs out in the morn thinking I would just make rice with it but when I got home I saw some peppers and cheese and decided to put them all together. 

Thursday's treat! 
Stuffed Chicken Thighs 

-chicken thighs
-sweet peppers
-shredded cheese
-lemon pepper
-saźon clasico (any other seasoning that compliments above)

Prep your chicken pieces as you normally would. In a large bowl add 1 tbs lemon pepper, parsley, sage and saźon clasico (or any other complimentary herb/seasoning) blend together mix well. Let it sit for a few minutes while you cut 1 large sweet pepper into slices then halves.

Spray Pam or drizzle a little olive oil on a baking tray and set your oven / toaster oven to baking setting at 350 degrees.
Place your chicken pieces on the tray and with a culinary scissor or small sharp knife cut slits on thicker part of meat deep enough to stuff. Group your pepper pieces into 4, stuff into slots add 1 tbs of shredded cheese on top. I used a Mexican blend bag from Western Beef but you can use your fav cheese of course. I then used toothpicks to close slit so stuffing didn't spill out as it cooked.

I cooked these thighs for about 35 minutes when juices ran clear and meat temp hit 165 degrees. It wasn't very quick and easy in and out the kitchen but it was healthy and filling. I served ours with some Spinach Spring salad but next time I want to try mashed potatoes! Total time with clean up was about an hour.
If more than 4 pieces please double the recipe and enjoy!

Always stress free xo.

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