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Everything Baked Bassa fish & Plantains

Hey loves! Happy Thursday I keep hearing about this storm that's coming to NYC I just hope it isn't too bad. Anyways :) been a minute since I posted any treats from my kitchen but todays share is a nice one I came across in my web travels that I tweaked to my liking. No greasy pots, pans or skillets.

Thursday's Treat...Everything Baked Bassa fish and Plantains!!!

Ingredients: serves 2 people
-bassa fish fillets
-green plantains
-olive oil
-lemon juice
-cheese (optional)

Heat toaster oven at 425 degrees, in a large bowl mix 1tbsp of olive oil, 3tbsps of honey, 2tbsps of mustard, 1tsp of lemon juice mix well set aside and clean your fish fillets then place in mixture making sure you coat both sides thoroughly. Cut pieces of aluminum foil big enough to make a pouch like seal around your fillets, wrap up and put aside. Don't discard left over sauce you can drizzle on top of your fish once done.

Take 2 plantains (was making dinner for 2 so adjust recipe to your serving size) rinse and cut off the ends. Make 2 slits top to bottom on each of the plantains this will make it easier to peel of the skin. Place in microwave on high for about 6 minutes, depending on your microwave. Skin should turn black and center should be semi soft to touch. Remove from microwave be careful it will be very hot!
Peel off skin carefully, place on cutting board or a flat plate and cut pieces a little over an inch slightly slanted so when you flatten them out they don't crumble. I use what in Spanish we call a Tostonera but you can use the bottom of a glass or cup just make sure you cover with wax paper or something that will allow it to slide off or else you will have a mess.

Once you have smashed down your plantains, place them in a lightly oiled baking sheet, I used some olive oil and I sprinkled the plantains with some salt. I baked both dishes at the same time for 20 minutes then each separately for another 10 minutes. The fish should be soft and flaky and plantains a nice golden color all around.

I served with mixed plum tomatoes, baby Spinach and cubes of Mozzarella cheese. You can combine with any variety of salad ideas. Delish, healthy and fun to make. I never had Bassa fish before so it was a nice surprise. Any fillet type fish will do, Enjoy!

Always stress free xo

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