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Penne w/ Eggplant & Tomatoes

Good Morning everyone! I found this recipe online and tweaked it to fit what I had available last night so here's my share.

Thursday's Treat...Penne w/ Eggplant & Tomatoes!

-penne pasta
-plum tomatoes
-olive oil
-Parmesan cheese

6 servings

Cook pasta as normally would I did 1 whole box of small Penne on med heat for 10 minutes. As that cooked I cut 1 large Eggplant into slices than into 1/4 pieces, 2 handfuls of small plum tomatoes cut in halves and set aside. When my pasta was done I removed from heat reserved 1 cup of the pasta water and drained rest and transferred to a large bowl. I wiped down the skillet added 1/4 cup olive oil to medium heat when hot added the chopped Eggplant and cooked for 8 minutes, sprinkled 2 tbsps of garlic powder added the tomatoes mixed and covered cooked for 7 minutes or until tomatoes softened. Add your pasta back to skillet mix add some of reserved water mix again and done. I reserved cup just in case but you don't need to use the whole cup. Use enough to avoid dryness.
I served and added some Parm cheese on top, done delish, enough for 5 people and some leftovers Enjoy!

Always stress free xo,

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