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Barbecue Tofu & Spaghetti

Happy Thursday! Still enjoying the Summer days and keeping it simple in my kitchen.
Being that I love just about anything cheese or cheese related I have been researching other options because well anything in abundance is just not good for you. I've settled on Tofu because if cooked properly it takes on just about any flavor or form you want.
I wanted to kick up my pasta dish and I didn't want to use cheese so I found this recipe tweaked it to fit my home and here it is.

Thursday's Treat...Barbecue Tofu & Spaghetti!

-firm tofu
-bbq sauce
-garlic powder or cloves
-onion powder or red onions
-olive oil
-plum tomatoes
-mushrooms or other veggie

Cook your pasta, I chose Spaghetti, to your liking which for me is 12 minutes. I used 2 packs of firm tofu removed the water and cut into 1 inch squares, took handful of mushrooms and sliced 1/4 inch and set aside. In a large skillet on medium heat I added 2tbsps olive oil, 2tbsps garlic powder, 2tbsps onion powder and a pinch of salt. As it simmered I added the tofu and mushrooms and covered for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I add BBQ sauce to my liking which was 1 cup and cooked another ten minutes.

Served with additional plum tomatoes as another topping, Delish! Great flavor lite no heavy sauce or oils very tasty and easy clean up. Enjoy!

Always stress free xo,

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