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Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes Italian style

Happy Thursday!
September is upon us and its my Birth month so I'll be celebrating daily lol. That will mean less days in my kitchen but over the weekend while I organized a few things at home I decided to try this recipe out with some ground turkey I had in fridge.

Thursday's Treat...Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes Italian style

-ground turkey
-pasta sauce
-olive oil
-sweet peppers
-onion powder
-crushed red pepper flakes

One of the reasons I love ground Turkey is because it cooks down quickly, that and I rarely eat red meats or pork. In a large bowl I mixed 2 lbs of ground turkey, 2tbsps onion powder (you can use handful of chopped red onions I just didn't have any in hand), 2tbsps ground oregano, 1 1/2tbps crushed red pepper flakes,handful spinach and 6 small sweet peppers cut to bite sizes.

Heat large skillet on medium add 2tbsps of olive oil add ground turkey mix and cook 8 minutes add sauce cook 10 minutes.

I was organizing I totally forgot to take pic of my prep sorry :(

Use your toaster oven on broiler setting, spoon meat on bread add cheese cook till melted about 4 minutes Done! It was another delish quick meal for me and my organizing went well too :) I used my leftovers after lil mama ate to make a wrap the next day.

Always stress free xo,

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