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BBQ Tofu Parmesan

BBQ Tofu Parmesan

Hey lovelies been a minute since I have shared one of my dishes with you but I've been abundantly blessed with several new things that I have my hands on and I am still working out the kinks so my time is well divided amongst all that I love to do.

Today's share is my what the heck can I make before I sit down for three hours to watch the Live Musical Hairspray? Thursday's Treat...BBQ Tofu Parmesan!


-2 1lb packs extra firm Tofu


-olive oil

-Italian seasoning

-garlic powder


-parm cheese

-mozzarella cheese

-BBQ sauce

Mix 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs,  2tsps of Italian seasoning, 1/2tsp of garlic powder,  1/2tsp of salt and 1/2 cup of parm cheese in a large bowl. Take 2 packs of the firm Tofu and cut into 1/4 thick slices. I am using 2 packs so I can have left overs and also serve 4 people. Set aside and in a large skillet on medium heat add 2tbsps of olive oil. Coat your slices of Tofu and when oil is hot place them in skillet cook each side till lightly browned which is about 5 minutes each.

Cut up half a pack of Mozzarella cheese and slice to your liking and place pieces on top of Tofu cover for a few minutes till they melt and drizzle with BBQ sauce and done!

Everyone was pleasantly surprised which I was happy about because I love me some Tofu! I served with a side salad and enjoyed my show.

Always stress free xo,


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