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My so and so WON’T let me…

I set out to write a blog about ALL things motherhood related. This includes and goes without say being a Woman first, at least it does to me.

I was reading through my Café Mom groups posts over the weekend and came across a post with the title “My Husband won’t let me…” I had to pause, take a deep breath, and remember to respect others and then come back and finish reading the post.

“Won’t let me” is a strong statement. It is authoritative and brings to mind one person governing another to some degree or level.

I can’t wrap my mind around one adult saying that to another adult.

I was born, raised by my parents, taught life lessons to carry in life and became an adult. I met a wonderful man, built a family and raised an amazing young woman. Never in that journey did I sign up for him to Let me do anything.
When you decide to share your life with someone, it is a union to add, to build, to encourage to strengthen not to rule, dictate, suppress or belittle. What we both have to say matters, what we both feel has validation. We communicate and compromise not bend to one another’s wishes.

Same thing goes for how we chose to raise our daughter.
If that is the deal, then I am not signing up for it.

Words matter, make a difference and insight reaction. How can I as a female and a mother serve as a role model to my child/children if I am not validated as an individual, especially in my own home and relation.
Granted as parents there are things we don’t allow our children to do be it due to age or circumstances but we, I should hope, are aware that these restrictions have limitations. There will come a day that their own free will kicks in and they follow their own path. I raised a very independent young woman, because I myself am and have always been one and her father is and has always been very encouraging and respectful of this part of us. We never just said no just because. We always tried our best to be age appropriate and fair.

How can I have put in all this work and effort, to have another human being come in and take it away?
 I would love to see and meet the man who would try….
Women…Always hold yourselves in the highest regard!!

What do you think?

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