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The Benefits of Play Dates for kids and the Grown Ups

This was my Saturday post. I wrote this as I sat getting my hair done. I didn't post it last night because I was still in Birthday celebration mode. None the less I wanted to share this because I felt it is something that merits discussion.

As I write this I am at the Hair Salon with about 5 little ones running around. Needless to say I am not very happy.
For the most part all these women know one another so I thought...

What a great way to start setting up some play dates.
Why not call each other up a few days before and set up a time and place to drop off the little ones while the moms go and get all dolled up?
I enjoy my time at the Salon, it’s ME time. I read, write, hear stories, and listen to music sometimes even get a Mani or Pedi.

During this time I really don't want to hear or see kids crying, screaming, whining, running, playing or getting diaper changes.

This is not selfish this is totally doable and reasonable.

Mommies, lets help one another...
Play dates remember that and use them.
All about living stress free.

What are some others places that inspire Play date thoughts?


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